The struggle!

Well if you are looking at this site, you have probably looked at other trainers sites!

On them there are pictures of muscled bronzed people!

What this says to me is “I have ABS buy from me!!!!”

The fact is I am a forty year old Dad of one six year old boy Lewis, and long suffering partner Lucy  (17 years yikes) .

I like a beer, and a barby! as much as I like to train, and I’ve been really FIT!

BUT I’ve been very unfit!

When I started as a Personal Trainer ten years ago I worked every waking hour with clients, but was in awful shape myself! I had financial pressure, and a young family that hardly saw me!

The last person I looked after was myself.

So I took some of my own advice, found the time to train, researched the best nutrition hacks.

The result was I took second place in my first Strongman contest, and started playing rugby again.

Now if I can do it there is no reason why you can’t!!

NO “yeah but’s!” I am still far from perfect.

You see with a bit of commitment I can make you better in your 30’s 40’s and 50’s than you were in your 20’s!

In my business  you will receive a customer focused session, that’s all about you not ME!

Using common sense, UKSCA guide lines, the latest scientific studies, and a wee bit of hard work you can and will become better now than you were in your teens!!!